Sunday, October 10, 2010

March 16th, 2010

Hey family :)

Well i'll tell you it was a quite the week, full of the good ol ups and downs haha, sounds like madre you are have a good time kickin it with the morris family :) first off tell rob that when i get home i will for sure be hitting more dingers on the softball field then he will be haha!! I know i still have the big bomb swing going on haha even though its been a year i still got my game i guarantee it :)

The work is pressing forward i got a random call from president, apparently there still is some random drama going down in Loughbourough, one of my recent converts named Zoe had told some of the YSA girls that she had fallin in love with me while we were teaching here and so President might be having to transfer me this transfer because we are in the same zone and he doesn't want here to drive to leicester, just the good ol drama in Loughborough it will never stop i guess! Me and President had a talk and he knows that i was just doing what i was called to do and nothing else and so hopefully i won't have to go anywhere because i love the westcotes ward and the are we are in but we will see!! Other then that it is the typical missionary stuff just working working working and i just love it!! The days are flying by which is good it never seems like i have enough time in the day to get done all that i want to but what can you do!! Me and my companion have been working on serving all the teams in our zone and it has brought me alot of happiness to just see the trust that we are building and ever since we have been doing that the missionaries have been counseling with us more and seeking our guidance so it has been a great blessing to build those friendships!!
Other then that thats about all of the week haha not much exciting going on!! ONe thing though Madre something has been going on with my missionary fund and so they have to send me a new card so as of now i am living off my personal funds! so i have been trying to eat not as much haha so i didn't spend as much money but i am out of even the skimp haha so I am going to use some of the personal funds for groceries and they said they will reimburse me when i get my new card! so if the money goes i'm sorry!!

I love you all! Happy birthday Hannah :)

Elder Davidson

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20th, 2010 - the last email

Well to be honest, you can tell President Robinson that the last thing a missionary wants on his last P-day is to be asked to speak in stake conference, It doesn't make him want to come home very much haha!!!
Mom Ill for sure search you out a lap blanket no doubt, and as for garments, im a 32 waste and you can get the 50 50 stuff and for shirts medium will work perfect! And as for other clothes some T's and some Polos will be chill i'm not to bothered i know you have good taste! haha :) And as for tanning you better get me an appointment for day one when i get home so i can hit it up haha :)
As for classes i don't know if you want me to sign up now like before i get home or when i get home, but im assuming when i get home haha and if i'm wrong you might wanna go ahead and sign me up for a few things??
I can't believe the time has gone by this fast seriously its the craziest thing, these last 6 weeks have seemed like days, and some quick days at that!! I wanna just thank you all so much, this journey, this adventure..... It has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me!! And it wouldn't have been as good as a ride with out my family behind me the whole time!! I have spent alot of time over the last 2 days pondering on my mission, and the miracles and the blessings and the changes it has brought to my life, and as i think about it the only thing that comes to my mind is if i personaly trust in my saviour Jesus Christ and give it all to him then I need not fear!! Whatever happens in life if i just Lean on him i will see success, I will be happy, and i will return to live with him and my family in never ending happiness!!! My testimony feels at this point that it cannot be shaken, whatever is said or done i feel like it doesn't effect me in a bad way, to be honest it only makes me stronger and bettter!! It strengthens my testimony!! The Saviour Jesus Christ did walk this earth he did do many miracles and most important he did sacrafice himself for ME!!!!! God is my loving Heavanly Father he cares for me, he answers prayers and he has a plan for each and every one of us!! Joseph Smith that young 14 year old with out a shadow of a doubt did step into the grove of trees on that spring morning and he did see God the Father and Jesus Christ they did speak to him and the gospel was restored!!! We are now apart of his truth and as we live accordingly, we will be happy for the eternities!!!
All of this and more is what I have to come to know on my mission and it has changed my life!!!
I love you family, you are a big strength to me!!
Elder Davidson

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13th, 2010 (only 2 more weeks)

Hey hey familay :)
Thats all that is going through my mind!! I can't believe I only have 1 email left before i'll be speaking to you in person!! My mind is running a million miles an hour!! I'm scared, i'm excited, i'm nervous, i'm happy, i'm sad, my mind is just gone haha!!! But thanks for the pics this week they made me smile I miss my nephews and nieces I can't wait to see them again!!!
I haven't gotten my itenirary yet madre, but maybe you could email President Ogden and check it all out because its only my 3rd plane ride and i'm still confused on how it all works haha!! I can't believe i'll be landing in cedar, that must mean i gotta go all by myself, my boys will be leaving me and slc huh?? That means more time to just think ahhh not good haha!!! I can't believe this is all happening, what happened to my 2 years?? Its just gone!!! As for what do i want to do for food hmmmmm?? well ummmmm I sure do miss just a nice meal from the madre thats for sure so i think that'll be chill just get me home and let me taste the best food ever!! haha plus i'm gonna be so tired there is no way i'm gonna be able to sleep on that plane!! 
Anyways so about the week!! Wow it was a good week, the Lord is just putting prepared people in our paths I don't know what it is!! We are teaching about 10 people who are progressing well and 6 have a date to be baptized!!!!!! I Wanna stay another transfer because i know if i did i would be able to see all these people enter the water but E. Love says he will hit me with the pics!!! Miracles are happening and everytime i even think to take a little break because i'm tired and i think its almost over my head keeps telling me, Preach My Gospel pg. 121 Diligence, Diligence is working hard even when you are tired!!!!! Hahaha I feel so bad if i stop for a second my mind just runs and runs and runs haha it kinda is a little annoying but it keeps me working and when i work i'm happy!!! So the spirit won't let me quit either he knows i gotta endure to the end but i love it!!! I never thought it would be hard at the end but wow is it!!! But i won't quit, I can't quit haha!!!!
So i had the opportunity to speak in one of the wards this week it was good!! my topic was on free agency!! I got a call saturday at about 9;00 at night and the bishop said Elder Davidson someone just backed out of speaking for tomorrow can you do it for us haha so i kind of just winged it and it went good i really enjoyed speaking!! I have learnt that you must always be prepared as a missionary, you can never say no!!! So technically i don't have any free agency hahaha jk jk!! It was a great opportunity!!
Family I really can't believe how fast these 2 years went by, its ridiculous it really is!! even now i'm checking my watch constantly to try and slow down the days but its not working time is just gone!! I love my mission!!!! It is the best decision of my life!!!!!! and i'll never forget it!!!
I love you!!
Elder Davidson
"do it for christ"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 2nd, 2010 (3 more weeks)

Hey Hey Hey,
So Happy Birthday T-money!! I HOPE you beat dad at golf on monday!! we gotta start off right because when i get home i will be the one dominating on the golf course haha!! I'm not getting any of hydi's emails mom, I don't know what is going down but i haven't got any of hers for sometime. 
Tesco's was the best, thanks so much mom!!! The Barbecue was poppin, thats all I can say!! It was so much fun just a good ol partyin it up!!! Just like home, except we have to cook the burgers on like these tin foil barbecues ha so that was pretty ghetto but it was sweet! Thanks for doing that madre!! Anyways no I only recieved one order of Tesco's?? it might have been because of all the times i had to call and reschedule them to deliver it but i did only get one order!!
My birthday was quite the experience though i must admit haha not your typical birthday i would have to say but it was good, so what happened was at Zone Conference i was like taking pictures with some of my old companions and just other kids and what not, and some how a bee climbed up my trousers and BAM it stung me right on the calf, and I didn't know what it was so i pulled up my trousers to see what had just stung me and i just moved the bee up a little bit further and BAM he stung me again ha and it ended up stinging my 3 times in total!! So this was on the friday and then on the saturday, it was super sore but i decided i still wanted to go for a jog for morning excercise and I came back home and pulled off my socks and my calf was about triple the size it should have been! It was Huge!!! so i didn't know what to do with it so i called sister ogden and she told me what to get to calm it down and what not, but luckily i had told my recent convert about getting stung the day it happened and for my birthday he bought me sting relief stuff haha he is the man so i put it on and well it calmed down after a couple of days haha but it was huge and a little bit painful!!! So that was my Birthday experience this year haha!!
But The week has been a good one, we just spent so much time traveling this week it felt like i did no work in my own area and it is alot more draining to sit in a car then it is to be doing to Lords work!! It was hard!! We went on wednesday to birmingham because we had to run a missionary to the hospital down there, we then went on thursday and friday for zone leader council and zone conference so the week was just over with and we had no time to search for new people, but i did learn alot from z.c. and z.l. council which was good!! We had Elder Kopiske come to zone conference and wow, he was amazing let me just tell you, he doesn't plan anything at all!!!! He just told us right off the bat, i'm going to let the spirit direct this meeting.... And then he just started talking and doing things it was amazing, General Authorities know there stuff, every question that was asked he answered with a scripture just crazy I loved it!! Zone Leader Council was the best i would have to say though, we just had the time to sit and chat about the concerns in the zone and how he has overcome them, and how we can become better leaders!! So it was intense i really enjoyed it!! So all in all it was a good week!!!
The Lord is taking care of me out here!! He is blessing this wolverhampton area and miracles are happening!! I love my Mission!! and I love the Lord!!
Elder Davidson
"Do it for Christ"

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29th, 2010 (4 weeks to go)

Hey Family,
Well well sounds like things are going to be popping on my b day huh? finishing the basement that sounds like a blast!! Question though Madre, can you go do the orientation or do i need to?? If I need to do it over the internet i'll have to get permission from President Ogden but i'm sure he wouldn't have a problem with it!! But just let me know what needs to happen, and if you can some of the classes moss will be taking so i can sign up for some of those as well!!
Elder Nylund is the Man!!! Ha he is just the best i love that kid, the first exchange we had together we were laying in our beds and he said wait aren't you from beaver, i know someone from beaver ha, anyone that knows someone from that little town is surely gonna be my boy haha!!!
Thanks mom for the info, I should be able to find some of the stuff, England got beaten out of the world cup on sunday so me and my comp are hoping we could find some sweet deals on England jerseys so hopefully it'll be an easy thing to do! But i'll get on it!! What about you Madre and Papa any preferences on what you would like hmmmmm?? :)
Anyways so this week was a good week, man it just flew by i don't know where the time went i swear it was yesterday i was sittin on this computer typing you an email!! Time just needs to Chilll for a bit!!! Things down here are going well though it just doesn't seem like we have anytime in our own area to find new people to teach we are just always on the road helping the other teams but it is a blessing to get to work with so many different missionaries and get to learn from them!! I'm just enjoying the journey!!! We do have a couple people in our own area who are preparing for baptism on the 16th so we just gotta hold on to those! This weekend at church was pretty sweet though, we had stake conference and wow it was an amazing on, Elder Kerr of the area 70 came down to speak and man is he powerful, he was just banging the pulpit (mind the spelling haha) and just yelling into the microphone his testimony!! Inviting all those who weren't members of the church or those who are thinking about leaving the church to hop in the gospel, to get baptized and to read the book of mormon, to pray about it and find the truth!!! Let me just tell you I loved it!!!! I was on the edge of my seat just listening as closely as possible, taking notes!! I just kept looking at my comp like did you just hear that, is this really happening hahaha I loved it!!! Elder Kerr is the man!! This week should be good as well because at zone conference we have Elder Kopiske coming and he is the Area president over the whole UK and he is going to be instructing us and so i'm stoke to be able to learn from him this weekend!!
The time is going by way to fast but i am going to take advantage of every second i have!!
I hope you all know that I love you!! And am so greatful for you!! I couldn't do this with out you!!
Elder Davidson
Do it for Christ!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22nd, 2010 (5 more weeks)

Hey Family!!
First off i must say that Dad i'm sorry no matter how many times you change that swing of yours, your never gonna be able to hit the ball as far as your boys, your time is up its time for Elder Davidson and T-money to dominate now haha you have embarrased us for to many years haha!!! :)
So glad to see Moss is on the go with getting that stuff sorted with the flat make sure him and t-money pick a nice place haha!! Maybe you should go with them mom :) Tell Moss whats up!!! He needs to hit me up and tell me what is going down in b-town so i can be prepared haha!!
This week is good, Elder Love is the man!! No need to train him he already has it all sorted, He is just Happy, He helps me to excercise hard in the morning so i can loose some weight haha he is Diligent, and has the spirit, and best of all he talks to everyone, so the work is progressing well!! It'll be a sweet transfer i'm stoked!! But the week was way good, we found this wonderful lady that we haven't been able to get ahold of for a while and she just related to us about this dream she had and how she new the book of mormon was the word of God, and we didn't really even have to invite her to be baptized she pretty much volunteered to ha so it was amazing!! She came to church on sunday and just loved it!! The Lord is just preparing people for us it seems!! We just gotta keep working so that we deserve all these blessings!! But other then that nothing else has really happened ha, The week just flew by and i don't know where the days went!!
So a question though, what kind of souveners does everyone want haha, i thought this would be easy but really its not! Especially not for the sisters!! So madre some ideas would be sweet if you could?? for like Dad and the brothers i think i got it sorted but i don't really know about the rest!!!
Your the best family I love you!
Elder Davidson
Do It For Christ!!

June 17th, 2010 (6 weeks to go)

Hey Da Fam :)
How goes it?? So i'm gonna tell you right now mom after last weeks email when you said i could go buy souveniers, I went and bought stuff for all the nephews, and nieces haha so i'll have some good stuff for them when i get home!
So things down here are just the best!! Me and Elder Olson had a fun week last week ha its crazy over here in england because of the World Cup, everyone wants England to win and go far!! Everyone has all there English gear out and just sporting it everywhere they go, Flags everywhere just CRAZY! But its good because there is some sweet gear that will be some good stuff to bring home for the fam so its good!! But because the football is so intense we weren't aloud out on saturday after 6:00 P.M. and let me just tell you never in my life have i been so bored haha!! we got so bore that we took some extra matresses and went and chilled out on the roof for an hour, and then i just through this crazy concoction of food after and just made the craziest dinner ever with the 2 other hours we had to do nothing hahaha it was good fun!! but ummm Mom we might need another Tesco Delivery because i through everything in haha!! Anyways the week was good, my comp is on the plane and probably home by now, and i got a sweet new companion! I got called to Train a new Zone Leader and his name is Elder LOVE haha thats right Elder Love he is the man!! He was a district Leader when i was in Leicester so we are already pals, its gonna be a good transfer i can already feel it, He is a Diligent missionary that just wants to work so i'm excited to go to work with him!! Crazy thing is, is his buddy served in the same mission as Elder Noel and I even think they lived together in the same flat man its such a small world ha I love it!! Noel is home now ya?? Have you seen him?? Anyways Its gonna be a sweet 6 weeks i'm so stoked, we have a sweet zone so we have high hopes for the success in the Zone as well so everything is lined out we just gotta go to work!!! And now is the time, i'm afraid at how fast this transfer is going to go but I can't even think about it i just gotta go!!
Family I love you!! I thank you for all the Love and support and I pray for you everynight and Thank my heavanly father for the chance i have to be in such an amazing family!! Always Keep on Trucking :)
Elder Davidson
Do It For Christ :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 8th, 2010 (7 weeks to go)

Happy Happy Birthday Ethan my man ha!! Don't worry mom i'm looking for presents for everyone to bring home so they can all have a little taste of England :) I haven't got a new suit yet madre, i have looked a little but haven't seen anything that strikes my eye, but im still looking!
Ahhhh Times flying by!! I can't believe this is going to be the last transfer of my mission my days its just gone, Next week I will find out if i will finish my mission in Wolverhampton or somewhere else, but seeing how my companion goes home next week i'm pretty sure that i will be here unless they white wash us but hey you never know!!
This week was a blessing from on high!! Except for the fact that i rolled both my ankles while we were playing basketball with some investigators haha but don't you worry even with my 2 bad ankles me and my comp still managed to dominate haha (English people aren't very good at basketball haha) But anyways.... We had some amazing baptisms that took place and if only i had my camera with me right now i would send you some pictures of it ha but sure enough i still am forgetful that is one thing that i have never changed on my mission haha!! President Ogden was there with his Wife and they took some pictures so i'm sure you will be able to find them on there blog!! But man it was the best!! All of the people that got baptized this weekend were just blessings and miracles I absolutely loved it!!
I'm super impressed with my companion, he hasn't stopped for one second to think about home so it is good i'm glad i don't have to excite him to do the work he is already just a work horse so we are just killing it together, its so fun!! Next transfer is going to be the same I just gotta work work work so that i don't even think about the end, because i don't want it to end i love it to much!!! The lessons i learn each day, the people i meet, the opportunites i have to serve, nothing can beat this and I am greatful for the opportunity that i have to be a missionary for Jesus Christ :)
I love you family thank you for all your support!! I wouldn't be able to make this journey without you!!
Elder Davidson
"Do it for Christ"

June 2nd, 2010

Note from Jamie:

Today we received Elder Davidson's travel Plans, he will be returning home July 28th, 2010.  We are so excited!!! These 2 years have flown by and I know that I am so grateful for Elder Davidson's example.

So now we are on the countdown, only 8 weeks until he is home.

June 1st, 2010

Dear Family :)
Thank you so much for the Tesco's mom it did arrive and it was well good ha, i missed it the first 2 times by like 7 minutes both times so sorry if you have a charge! But I did get more then 1 apple so thank you :) 
Tell Carlie that she needs not worry when i get home we will be rocking the town haha i'll take care of you even though your still thinking of cleaning up bed pans hahaha i won't tell anyone that until after the 2nd date :)
Anyways this week was good, we have 3 baptisms for this saturday so it should be an amazing week in white!! I'm stoked!!! some beautiful people we have an african lady a chap from india and and english guy haha so its going to be an amazing day!! I love the Lord!!!! He has just been taking care of this area and blessing the wolverhampton branch!! He really wants it to be a ward and i can see that!! So i'm excited to be here at this point in time!!! This week haha it was the best i went on a exchange and got on a bike again and i promise you i am still sattle sore and it has been a week haha this bike was no ordinary bike it was straight from the devil haha the chain kept falling off it would not shift gears haha it was so brutal the tires kept going flat, and on top of that it was pouring rain and i didn't even have a jacket haha it is a good thing my mission has taught me patience because i just smiled and took it haha it was the best!!! The best part was was we had interviews with president the next day and my suite was all dirty because of the bike and my shirt wasn't so white anymore that i thought he might think i wasn't worthy or something haha but luckily he didn't notice even though the rest of the zone did :) But things are going good me and Elder Olson are just having a blast, its sad to know that he is going home soon, just 2 weeks i can't believe it but all is well!!!
Family I love you, thanks for all you do!!!
Elder Davidson

May 25th, 2010

Hey Hey Hey
Wow Dad what are you doing hmmmm?? You know you gotta hop on those things quick like!! He always does that haha just kiddin just kiddin!! Your right you know i can't be havin a babe magnet truck haha not a good thing!!
wooooeeeeeeee good for Carlie good to hear she got a job thats the best, and plus when i get home you know i'm going to need to get rid of all these tan lines, it was meant to be :)
Tyler is getting Laid off?? is the store closing down? or whats going on??
Before I forget Tescos hmmmm well That stuff you orderd last time was good, except like umm you only sent one bananna?? and one apple?? so that could change haha!! But some Chips and Salsa would be good this time, Some Dr. Pepper :) oh instead of just the beef burgers umm pasta and spicy tomato and pepperoni sauce would be nice!! I love that stuff, but as for everything else you can suprise me!! and for the best day ummmm probably wednesday, friday, or saturday night after about 9:15 pm would be the good days!!
Anyways this week, well it was a good week!! Time is flying by I can't believe its week 3 and my comp leaves in 2 weeks time Crazy!!  Once again the Lord has blessed us here in wolverhampton, I truly do love this area and I love being able to recognize that all these blessings are coming from the Lord!!! This week especially though we saw that service brings fourth blessings, We did alot of service this week, one lady we mowed her lawn, another we built a shed and another we tore up grass and layed some stuff down and well it seemed like that was where all our time was spent, so i kinda was getting a little flustered because i wanted to be out talking to people, but I did love the service while we were doing it, ( I loved getting out of my shirt and tie :) ) But then it was weird because on of the ladys that saw us doing the service just walked into church on Sunday and asked us if we could come and teach her so the Lord blessed us, and  I love doing service!!
This work is amazing and the days are flying by to quick but i LOVE being here and I'm going to make every second last!! I love you family!!!
Elder Davidson
P.S. Jamerz it was tentacles haha :)

(Picture is from his Mission Presidents blog, the tentacles is an answer to me asking what was on his head)